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Hi, I'm Nicole.
I'm from Manchester, I'm 16 and I love The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Orphan Black, Rookie Blue, Chicago Fire, Tegan and Sara, Dexter, football/soccer, Lost, Prison Break, Supernatural and Starkid! If you want me to make you a collage or gifs just drop me an ask.
Gail Peck is my spirit animal.

The Walking Dead

A Bad Lip Reading of The Walking Dead Season 4

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The Walking Dead tara chambler


girls dont want boys girls want tara chambler to be verbally forgiven and assured that she is not a bad person and to become a valued member of the group

The Walking Dead Sarah Wayne Callies

e e t   a r a h   a y n e   a l l i e s

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The Walking Dead

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game of thrones

Margaery looked very like her brother, the Knight of Flowers. [Cersei] wondered if they had other things in common. Our little rose has a good many ladies waiting attendance on her, night and day.

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game of thrones

Requested by the lovely goodoldmoon.

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rookie blue GlobalTV: The 22 episodes that were announced will air in an 11 episode S5 & and 11 episode S6 in 2015!
Fandom: I came out to have a good time, and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now.
rookie blue

Rookie Blue 4.12

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game of thrones cersei lannister

Cersei Lannister + text posts 

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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead season three opening scene

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