I know how the safety works

Hi, I'm Nicole.
I'm from Manchester, I'm 16 and I love The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Orphan Black, Rookie Blue, Chicago Fire, Tegan and Sara, Dexter, football/soccer, Lost, Prison Break, Supernatural and Starkid! If you want me to make you a collage or gifs just drop me an ask.
Gail Peck is my spirit animal.

orange is the new black

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the last of us ellie

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The Duchess of Cambridge is a fucking weirdo and I love it

dexter Joey Quinn Debra Morgan Desmond Harrington Jennifer Carpenter

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The Walking Dead Andrea

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orange is the new black

1x01 → 2x07

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uswnt ali krieger never forget
The Walking Dead

Characters with the most kills at the end of season 4.

Runners up are The Governor, Hershel, Merle, T-Dog and Bob.

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The Walking Dead tara chambler


twd ladies meme // favorite minor or recurring female character

The Walking Dead

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